About Joshua

Joshua is a NLP Life Coach, Tarot Reader and Therapist with a straight talking and down to earth approach to his work.

Specialising in blue mind coaching. Using blue spaces and 'liquid language' to fortify his techniques.

Starting the beginnings of his career by giving Tarot Readings and Energy Healing to friends and family back in 2013, Josh has since made a name for himself within local circles. 
His infectious energy and sense of humour while working contributes to his reputation as a Spiritual Coach with a difference.

He started working with the energy around him young, instinctively telling his parents when someone was 'nice or not' when first meeting them. 

'Throughout my life I've instinctively been able to read a room and growing up I had what would have been described as wild imagination seeing and hearing things that weren't physically there'

'I went into Theatre in the end, obviously. Where else was I going to express myself?'

'I began to developed a deep interest in the supernatural/paranormal but after some years, swapped all the singing and dancing for the 9-5, met my Fiancé and bought a house, you could say it was a pretty normal existence.
No matter what career change I went through, I would always fall back to reading Tarot, working with energy or guiding others along their paths. It took me a long time to understand I was being pulled to do something with this and took it upon myself to expand my knowledge and abilities over the course of several years. I became an accredited Life Coach, attuned to Reiki and other Energy healing practices, brushed up my tarot reading skills and created Sanctum [Therapeutics] to tie it all together.'

'I'm now beginning a rebranding journey as I bring my love of the coast and surfing into my work through Blue Mind coaching. So watch this space!'


My Purpose

My goal is to empower others and allow them to unlock their potential using the tools at my disposal.I aim to help as many people as I can to take time to rest, relax and work on empowering their spiritual and emotional selves.

I act as the catalyst, YOU are the healer.