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Victoria Bedford - Reiki Client

Kate Fuge - Full Tarot Reading

Grace Cross - Full Tarot Reading

Chloe Sims - Crystal Therapy and Guidance Session

Crystal Therapy & Guided meditation to meet my spirit guides... I can’t stay away Josh has helped me so much with my spiritual development, he really is a gift not just to me but to the earth if you’re looking for guidance or someone to open your eyes and heart to the world of spirituality he really is the guy to go to! Crystal therapy was amazing, I took along my own crystals I work with and he used them to help in the therapy which was lovely, I felt so connected and literally on cloud 9! He makes you feel so safe, grounded and connected throughout the whole experience! The meditation was fantastic, thoughtful words and such a calming voice, and environment I couldn’t have asked for more...
If you’re looking for any healing or guidance please book in, thank me later!
Highly highly recommend!!

Kelly Collins - Crystal Therapy Client

WOW! The energy was unbelievable I felt so relaxed and I even think I fell asleep at one point. I got to choose crystals I wanted and was overall the calmest I've felt in a long time I will definitely be back

Danny Nichols - Zoom Tarot Reading

Amber Ebsworth - Zoom Tarot Reading

Jode Ruggiero - Reiki Client

I've come to Josh several times independently for Reiki. I work as a Lawyer so I can be very stressed and in a lot of pain with my neck/shoulders and each session leaves me feeling relaxed and re-balanced. I would recommend this to anyone suffering with aches or needing their energy worked on. Josh is so friendly and puts you at ease throughout.

Adele Hocking - Zoom Tarot Reading

wow wow wow, just Wow.... such a brilliant Tarot reading, with lots of fun along the way ... incredibly insightful, affirming and validating..... I AM READY
it was absolutely SPOT ON and well Josh, is just a gem of a human being!

Michelle Allen - Reiki Client

I had my first reiki session today and wow did I feel relaxed! I’ve had lower back trouble from having my children and it feels free of pain. I saw all colours of the rainbow which was fascinating! Josh made me completely at ease and answered all of questions. I can’t wait to go back for a guidance session very soon!



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